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Thing-A-Day #61



And you think you know how big the world is.

What even is the world to you?

It’s hard for me to imagine. But, then again, it’s always hard for one to look in another’s shoes.

It’s hard to imagine a wooshing like you describe. But I suppose to you, it’s hard to imagine the total silence that movement makes in a vacuum. Especially the movement of something my size.

Alright, this is getting nowhere. Time for a thought experiment.

You are currently larger than you could ever imagine being. But, from your perspective, you are only of moderate size. Your peers are mostly larger than you, with some exceptions. You very rarely get anywhere close to them, and it makes you a bit sad. But if it were otherwise, things would be a lot worse, so you deal with it.

In my case specifically, I go the opposite direction of everyone else, so I do get to see them a bit more frequently, I suppose. I’ve never really done the math, but it makes sense to me. This is all beside the point though.

So you’re this huge thing in a huger universe and you see everything else. It’s all so far away, and you’ll never see it any differently than you do now.

And you keep moving and the world keeps getting bigger and bigger and everything become so incredibly insignificant.

Just a small planet around a small star in the short arm of a small galaxy in a universe so mind-bogglingly, infinitely massive. It creates a feeling in you.

What that feeling is called, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever know. And I can bet you you’ll never know either.

Overall though, I’d say it isn’t a good one.

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