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Thing-A-Day #26

The Portal Opens


Lancet checked another item off of his list.

Air tanks, he thought to himself. Extra batteries. Rain gear. Dehydrated food. Plenty of water. Space suit. Yep, everything seems to be in shape. He looked down at his computer console. When he pressed the big “Press me” button, it would choose a known star, and then use microteleportation to search the system for sizeable planets. It would choose one at random, and open up a portal to the atmosphere of that planet. Lancet would then descend and explore, and, when he was ready, ascend and return. It was foolproof, as far as he could figure.

He pressed the button. It played a little searching animation that he had made in his spare time, and he beamed at it. It was just so adorable! Lancet felt proud.

Then, a ding. He had also made this ding, and he was very proud of it as well. However, the animation still took the cake. Anyway, the ding indicated that a planet had been found. Lancet zipped up his space suit and opened the portal.

First, there was darkness. Then, a slight haze came into view. He looked down and saw dark blue rocks forming a slight arc. The thought he could see some brown lumps, but it was too hard to tell.

Well, here goes nothing.

He jumped out. Gravity was sparse but existent, and he could feel himself slowly floating to the ground. He couldn’t make out anything he would land on. He looked up. Above him was the portal that would remain there until he turned it off from the other side. Above that was something he never expected.

Wow, how lucky of me!, he remarked, as the thing above the portal was another planet. This planet was tan, and seemed to be roughly the same size as the one he was descending towards. He identified them as binary planets, or planets that co-revolved around each other. They were somewhat rare, as far as he knew.

He used the rocket boosters in his space suit to slow his fall a bit, until he gradually made it to the surface to the planet. The landscape seemed somewhat barren, except for the strange rock formations everywhere.

Then, there was thunder. The thunder was no where near Lancet, and in fact, wasn’t on the blue planet at all. It was instead outside of his laboratory. Soon after, but unrelatedly, there was lightning. It hit Lancet’s power supply, and shorted out the portal. The portal closed, but there was no way for Lancet to know.

He was far too interested in who had just come up to him.

(Note: For context, read this post first)

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