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Thing-A-Day #19

Less to Cite


A man named Lancet stood in his laboratory.

The rain pounded outside. It tried its best to come in the doors and the windows, but it wasn’t having any luck. Anyone that was directly outside of Lancet’s house would have loved to come in and see what this man was up to, including the rain. Disappointed, the rain fell on the ground in a depressing splash.

Lancet himself didn’t notice the rain. He was too distracted by his work. He was a scientist, as most people with laboratories are, and he was working with science, like most scientists do.

This particular science was a field that he was a main pioneer in: teleportation. While he had been working on the technology for months, he had only finished the teleporter in the last week. Since then, he had been hard at work researching.

You see, Lancet’s problem was not teleportation in itself. He had figured that out with negligible amounts of difficulty. He had actually created a working prototype in less time than he had expected, albeit by only two weeks. He had tested it, and it was fully functional. He had used it to go to his backyard, and to visit relatives. No, teleportation was very simple. Figuring out what to do with it was very difficult.

He ran into this problem every time he invented something, which, for the record, was very often. He would invent a concoction, like his live-forever serum, or a machine, like the time machine, and have no overly useful thing to do with it. He decided that this time, after he had finished his latest creation, he would put more research in what to do with it.

He had spent the last week pouring through books (mostly science fiction) and the internet (mostly blog posts). Like any scientist, he made sure to cite all of his sources for when his experiment was done. By the way, he thought, when will this experiment be over? It didn’t concern him much. Science didn’t have deadlines.

He spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do. He had an idea rattling around in the back of his head. Something about… random number generators. Random number generators? Yes, random number generators. Those were always fun. But how would they apply to a teleporter?

Well, he continued to think. Teleporters deal with placement. Placement can be defined in coordinates. I suppose I could have it randomly generate a place, and I explore there. Exploration is key to science.

He looked down at all of his notes. None of them had anything to do with this plan.

Oh well. Less to cite.

(As a note, I’m going to start putting my stories for Writing Wednesday in a “Read More” break, because I can imagine their lengths being annoying if you don’t want to read them.)

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