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Thing-A-Day #12

The Missing Link


“Okay, we’re ready,” said the doctor, as the machine started to hum. I began to sweat. He may have been ready, but I wasn’t.
“This won’t hurt at all,” he reassured.

A few weeks back, I was just a college student worrying about finals. Once those were over, I was ready to chill back for the summer. However, that soon came to a crashing halt when I learned that I had no money to chill back quite as I wanted. And, as every college student knows, that means getting a job.

I wandered the campus for a few hours, asking for applications, and inquiring if I were to see any HELP WANTED signs. I never saw any.

Then I came across an advertisement on a pole. It read:

Work for the University’s Biology Department doing various experiments!
Work runs all summer, and wages vary by experiment.

Then underneath it listed the address of the University Biology Department. I figured I’d check it out. Any money was good money.

In the reception area sat a middle-aged woman who took my name and number. She called later that night to say that there was an available experiment starting the next morning, 8 AM sharp.

“Also, be sure to bring loose fitting clothes,” she said, hanging up.

I figured it was probably some exercise thing, and I donned my sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. I showed up, and an elderly man shook my hand.

“My name is Dr. Abraham Posselt, and I am the University’s leading evolutionary biologist.”

At this, I really stared to wonder what experiment I was to participate in. It probably wasn’t exercise related, I thought.

He led me into a small room with a shop-vac sized machine and a dentist’s chair in the middle. A small laptop sat on a table to the left, next to a large stack of papers. He indicated that I was to sit in the chair, and I did so.

“Now, unfortunately, there is some paperwork you have to fill out before we can start the experiment,” said the doctor.

“What kind of paperwork?”, I asked. Then I realized there were better questions for me to ask. “What kind of experiment?”

“As far as the paperwork goes, just legal jargon. You can take the time to read it if you want,” he said, putting the stack on my lap. I inspected the tree that was just dropped on my legs, and my will to read the document decreased to microscopic proportions.

“How much am I getting paid?”, I asked.

“700 dollars.”

I decided the paperwork wasn’t worth reading. I signed in probably 80 different places and handed it back to him. I reclined, and he got an IV ready. I started to worry. I asked him what the IV was for.

“Inside your genetic code is the genes of your ancestors. Inside their genes, the genes of their ancestors. It goes back millenia. My colleagues and I think we have found a way to reverse genetics so that you roughly approximate your most primal ancestors. Basically, we are trying to simulate reverse evolution.

"We have concocted a serum that brings out the more archaic genes in your DNA near immediately, so that you will almost instantly look like your ancestors. The more serum in your system, the older you will look, so to speak.

"We have the amount of serum in your system monitored by this machine. So if I turn the dial back, more is added. If I move it forward, it drains your system of the serum, thus returning you to yourself.”

I was terrified. I couldn’t move.

“It will be completely painless, and should have no long term effects to your body. We’ve already tested it on several species of mammal and birds, and everything went fine. Plus, you get 700 dollars.”

The 700 dollars was a hard point to argue. He switched on the machine.

“Okay, we’re ready,” said the doctor, as the machine started to hum. I began to sweat. He may have been ready, but I wasn’t.
“This won’t hurt at all,” he reassured.

I lay down and tried to calm myself. I breathed heavily as he inserted the IV into my arm. He turned the dial backwards a tad, and it made a click sound. A feeling of coldness shot through my arm. We sat for a few minutes quietly, and he wrote things from his computer screen down on his clipboard.

I felt my forehead starting to ache. I was having trouble thinking. I went to put my hand on my head, and found that somehow, my forehead had started to get longer.

I tried to speak. I tried to ask why my forehead was longer, but all I could muster were groans. I looked at my hand, which was growing hairy.

“It’s starting to work. Worry not. You can’t speak because homonid vocal tracts weren’t all that developed. It’s perfectly normal.”

I had a hard time understanding him, but the calmness in his voice reassured me.

More time passed. I was become smaller.

He keep saying nice things to me. They make me feel better.

I have more hair all places. Butt itchy. It not make me happy.

i have tail.

i very small i get smaller

whiskers ears. large creature scary.


large creature move. i no move. i get bigger.

Scary creature move circle up

Scary creature still scary. I getting strong.

I almost as big as scary creature. Creature still scary. I can stop scary creature.

I jump on scary creature. I push. He scared of me. I proud :)

I hit creature much. He stop breathing.

Scary creature dead :)

I eventually came to. I saw what had happened. I don’t remember doing it, but I must have. I ran out of there as soon as I realized what I guess I had done. I saw on the news that night that they were looking for me. I’ve been running since.

Sometimes I wish that I looked liked I did when I did what I did. At least they wouldn’t have recognized me then.

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